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Belle Bollinger

Scale and grow your virtual assistant business

There comes a time when you realise you can’t do it all on your own. You’ve been winging it up till now because you’re great at what you do.
But, you know if you truly want to grow at scale you’ll need some guidance.

Belle’s been in your shoes. She knows exactly how hard it is to make the transition from employee to business owner. And, she’s keen to help others find their feet and set their business up for success too.

She knows how discouraging it can be to pour your heart out to friends and family members, only for them to dampen your spirits. Not because they mean to – but because they just don’t get it and can’t relate.

Well intended, misguided advice can rock your confidence and before you know it self-doubt comes knocking. And that’s the biggest enemy derailing small business owners.

You’re in good company with Belle

Belle’s one of those people who instantly make you feel at ease. She can get to the heart of issues and help you gain clarity. Many a business owner has benefited from her down to earth, practical approach.  And you can too.

Imagine a time where you and your business journey feels

  • Supported

  • Guided

  • Confident

  • Focused

  • On track

  • On track

  • Growing!

That’s possible when you mentor with Belle