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Take advantage of our Concierge Services

When you need an extra pair of hands a virtual team is just the thing

How often have you turned your key in your door and thought ‘oh crap’ I’ve forgotten to do the thing. The one thing that my wife/partner/husband asked me to do.

Argh… totally slipped my mind.

Well, say goodbye to those moments. Your personal concierge has it covered.

Anything and everything within reason.

A helping hand for you

Having your personal go-to-team behind you is life changing.

You’ll free up time in your day, look like a rock-star and your productivity will go through the roof.

It’s such a relief to have someone else to rely on.

Consider how much time you’d get back if you had the support of your own Virtual Assistant organising your life as you continue to work on your career?

We can take life admin off your hands

  • Buying Birthday presents (online or delivered)

  • Sourcing Accomodation

  • Researching suppliers

  • Booking your travel, making sure you turn up in time for important meetings

  • Organising your diary, including social appointments you don’t want to miss

  • Preparing documents

  • Home organisation

  • Scheduling kids activities and school events

  • Proposals and presentations professionally created

  • Regular admin tasks taken care of

  • Posting on social media

  • Sending your emails

  • Organising events

  • Plus, pretty much anything else you can think of! (Within the law of course).

Our Packages

For our business concierges to do their best work it’s important they get to know you and your business. That’s why our packages have minimum durations.

We try and match you with concierges in the same city so you can have a face to face meeting at least once a quarter.


$400 + GST
  • Perfect for when you have a set task that needs an extra pair of hands to get it done. 4 hours minimum


$1950 +GST
  • Your go-to-person for 3 months 30 hours per month.

It’s serious

$2400 + GST
  • Your go-to-person for 6 months 40 hours per month

How a personal concierge works?