Upon meeting Belle I was immediately impressed with her knowledge and innovative approaches to organisation! At the time I was creating a new role within the business and it was really important to clearly define what those responsibilities were going to be and how it would work integrally with other areas of the business. After sitting down with Belle to discuss the task at hand it was clear that her expertise were going to be of great benefit so we put a project plan in place and got stuck into it. Belle worked with us to really break down aspects of the new role, systems and processes. Belle took the time to listen and in a structured manner was able to understand the business needs and scope exactly what was required. We came away with a great plan and improved flow within the business and its processes. I must admit, part of me is selfish and would like to keep Belle as secret however I realise that for the greater good I must share with other business owners. Belle is fantastic at what she does and will always (as long as she will have us) remain a key adviser in the business circle of Indigo Finance . I cannot recommend Virtually Belle’s services highly enough as providing business solutions and much more than you would expect from a Virtual Assistant.

Melanie Cunliffe – Founder and Owner

My business is on a major growth journey and I required urgent staff expansion. As well as running my business, I’m a dedicated family woman. When I met Belle I was immediately impressed with her professionalism and high energy. I promptly organised a meeting to discuss my urgent need for a Personal Assistant to support and manage me and my time between both the business and my family.

We discussed my business goals, projects and priorities. We also structured and created the PA position that I needed and so desired. Without delay Belle got to work and within a few weeks the process was complete. I now have a fantastic Personal Assistant who, not only has corporate business experience, but also has experience as a Nanny and is able to support my family needs.

I highly recommend Virtually Belle to anyone who is seeking commitment and professionalism in finding the right person for your business growth requirements.

Stephanie Bow – Owner and Director

Engaging Belle took the guesswork out of finding a PA who was suited to my business and it’s growing needs. Virtually Belle saved me time on interviewing and reading through resumes. Engaging Belle’s services has allowed me to start working with a PA sooner. I now have an experienced PA right here in Sydney. Working with a Virtual Personal Assistant has allowed me to have the best of both worlds. My PA works mostly virtually but is also available to work with me on site or in my office when needed. I would say to other businesses thinking about using Virtually Belle, just do it! Working with a Virtual Belle assistant gives you freedom which allows you to grow your business and have more time to focus on the bigger picture.

Finding a fabulous PA when you’re building a business and doing everything on your own, but used to working in a corporate context, is HARD. Belle’s approach was a breath of fresh air. She really spent time understanding my business and how I work, then went looking for the right person to fit my brief which she did (Sandy is wonderful). Belle doesn’t leave it there. Perhaps the best example is turning around in the middle of my book-launch event to find Belle manning the sales desk, supporting Sandy with keeping up with demand. I hadn’t asked her to - in fact she was there as my guest. Belle is determined to provide meaningful support in ensuring her client's success, that she didn’t think twice about it. Belle switched on, she’s great to work with and she gives a shit. I’m glad I found her and really excited that I can take on so much more in my business as a result. Recommend Belle? Absolutely.

I'm the Director of a busy, fast-growing PR Agency. Belle provides terrific support managing much of our admin, allowing me time to focus on growing the business. Whether it's managing utilities suppliers; making bookings on my behalf; chasing outstanding invoices politely and efficiently; completing detailed monthly financial and capacity reporting; through to connecting me with fabulous partners such as our terrific HR and IT providers. This has freed up numerous hours each month for me to maximise my real skills - PR and business.

I've worked with remote Personal Assistants in the past but Belle's proactive, can-do attitude, personable and efficient service blows them out of the water. I highly recommend Belle for businesses who want to get back to what they do best - their business.

Allira Carroll - Director

Belle supported me greatly with engaging the right Personal Assistant for me and my business, and also played a key role with transitioning them into my team. I'm extremely happy with the person Belle engaged!! She has now transitioned into a full time team member in a role that is key to my business organisation and growth. I highly recommend Belle!!

Matt Yovich - Director

Belle made it super easy to set up possible matches for me and my business. She pre-qualified prospects and made sure to match me with both skills and personality. Such a relief!  The benefit of working with Belle was the easy set up and transition, and good support for my Assistant. I feel like I am finally getting some traction and progress in my business rather than just treading water trying to keep up with the day to day.

Virtually Belle offers highly skilled, highly qualified support. My Executive Assistant integrated smoothly into my business practices because she had the right professional experience. I feel very supported and well-respected as a client.  This is long-term investment for a loyal staff member who will be as committed as you to growing the business.  Worth it!!

Zoe Routh - Leadership Speaker, Trainer and Adventurist, Author of COMPOSURE and MOMENTS

Virtually Belle has support me to take my business to the next level because when you’re in business on your own you can’t do it all by yourself.  For me to be able to expand my business I needed support and once I was introduced to Belle I thought she was wonderful!! My ‘Belle’ (my PA) has supported me to plan, organise and prioritise my work.

Apart from all the practical business kind of stuff, my PA has been a great support for me emotionally providing moral support - when you’re feeling a little down and you’re thinking Argh I can’t do this, my PA is always there to encourage and support me to get into it every day and believe in myself.

As they say, behind every man there’s a great woman well, behind every small business there should be a Belle.  In my business there’s I have my own ‘Belle’ and she supports me.   I recommend Virtually Belle very highly.

Maureen Callister - Founder and Owner, Self Centred

Product Representative, Altearah Bio

Working with Belle has changed my life. I now have the time and freedom to grow my business.  I can’t imagine a life without Kate, my Executive Assistant now, she's my miracle worker.

Belle has transformed my life. She made it super easy to set up the right support for me, my family and growing business. Belle pre-qualified prospects and made sure to match me with both skills and personality. The benefit of working with Belle was the easy set up and transition, and amazing support. This allows me to focus on what's important for the business and what I do best giving me time back to enjoy being with my family instead of crazy busyness.

Cindy Luken
CEO and Founder